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Brabo Realty is the fresh new face on the South Shore and Plymouth real estate markets. 

We are passionate about providing extraordinary service to our customers and extraordinary opportunity for our agents and partners.

We are a small group of professionals committed to our friends and neighbors on the South Shore and the greater Plymouth area. We live here. We work here. We know the main streets, the backroads, the shortcuts, and the scenic routes. Most importantly, we know just how special this area is and we are committed to supporting and growing our community right alongside you.

Our Core Philosophies

Real Sales Skills

Hiring an Real estate agent to sell your home means that agent should actually possess professional sales skills. A listing agents job is much more than taking pictures and listing the home on the MLS. Our Rule #1 one is simple: SHOW UP. We will never let a buyer agent show your home without one of our agents being there to SELL the strong points of your property. Our agents possess professional sales skills. Knowing how to overcome objections, finding solutions to hurdles, acting professionally, being direct but also polite. We believe in acting honorably and transparently with the goal to close the deal. These are not typical themes you will hear most listing agents say.

Real Time Data and Analytics

Buyers and Sellers need accurate market data to negotiate from a strong position. We are our clients with the most up-to-date data and analytics and help them interpret market trends so they can make smart decisions that work for them.

Professional Marketing Plans

We go beyond the typical MLS listing with a more impactful marketing campaign that includes search engine and social media marketing. PLUS we have a direct line to hundreds of local business owners and their employee’s through our sister BRABO companies. We can reach the largest targeted hyperlocal audience that no other real estate agent can match. But make no mistake, tour listing will still reach a worldwide audience in the most professional light. Through professional photography, floor plans, virtual tours, a complimentary home staging consultation, and the most advanced online presence your home will reach the right audience as fast as possible.

Repairs and Improvements

Whether you’re getting a home ready to sell, or you’re evaluating the condition of a home to purchase, we tap into nearly 20 years of experience to advise clients of their opportunities to improve a homes value. Plus, our BRABO ENHANCE service will allow you to tackle home projects with little to no upfront cost. Click here for details.

At Brabo it all comes down to one thing; COMMITMENT. We will always be committed to our customers, to our team and to our community. We will always commit to treating everyone with respect, fairness and service. We commit to supporting local businesses, our civic organizations, and our charities. We are with you and we are here for you.

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